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RV DIY® Article – RV Power Cord Preventive Maintenance

30 amp RV Power CordToday I want to talk about getting electricity from the campground pedestal to the RV itself. In your house electricity comes from the pole to the meter,  and is securely connected to the electrical panel box. On your RV the connection between the pedestal and the RV is made through a shoreline power cord and a plug.  It’s a good idea to routinely inspect and maintain the power cord and plug on your RV.

Your RV shoreline power cord is the electrical lifeline of your RV. The problem is the power cord is constantly exposed to the elements, gets abused and is for the most part neglected.  To ensure the power cord will work properly when you need it requires a little preventive maintenance. First you want to inspect the power cord for any obvious damage. With the power cord disconnected from the power source inspect it for any cuts or scrapes that go through the protective outer layer of the cord. If the cut does not penetrate the inside wiring you can make repairs using electrical tape. Next inspect the plug end of the cord for any damage like bent prongs or dirty and corroded surfaces. You can usually straighten bent prongs on the plug unless they are broken or separated from the plug itself. Clean any debris or corrosion from the prongs on the plug using Emory cloth or fine grit sandpaper.

When you plug the cord in always make sure the breaker at the pedestal is turned off and make sure you get a good connection. When you unplug the cord turn the breaker off and unplug the cord by pulling from the plug itself, not by pulling on the cord. Wipe the power cord clean with a damp rag prior to storage. These preventive maintenance tips apply to your RV extension cords and electrical adapters too.

A little preventive maintenance goes a long way with your RV shoreline power cord and can prevent serious electrical problems concerning your RV and the campground electrical connections.

Happy RV Learning,

Mark Polk

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