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RV DIY TIP – How to Calculate RV Height Clearance

It’s important you know how tall your RV is so you can clear obstacles without guessing if you will make it. RVs have two types of height clearances, soft and hard. An example of a soft clearance would be the radio antenna. An example of a hard clearance would be the roof air conditioner. If the radiao antenna hits an overhead obstruction there would be little or no damage to the RV, but if  the roof air conditioner hits an obstacle there will be lots of damage.

If you know the height clearance of your RV you can avoid this type of  damage to your RV. From a level surface measure from the ground to the top of the highest hard clearance object on your RV and post the height in the RV or tow vehicle where it is easy to see and serves as a constant reminder.

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  1. I measured my clearance by using an ‘L’ shaped piece of PVC piping with a smaller PVC inserted. Raise the L piece until it clears the highest obstruction on the roof and mark where the lower piece meets the ‘L’. Then place on the ground and measure the overall length.

  2. Great idea, thanks for sharing

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