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RV DIY – How To Install A RV Water Pump Converter Kit

water pump converter kitTo make the task of winterizing your RV easier you can install a water pump converter kit. Basically we want an easy way to introduce the non-toxic RV antifreeze into the RV water lines. The converter kit I use was from Valterra Products and it comes with a brass diverter valve, a plastic coupler, Teflon tape and plastic tubing.

The first step is to drain the fresh water holding tank and the water heater. Caution: Never drain the water heater when it is hot or under pressure. Next locate the water pump on the RV. The location of the water pump will determine how difficult or how easy this installation will be.

Disconnect the water line coming from the fresh water holding tank to the water pump. Wrap the male threads on the water pump with Teflon tape and install and tighten the plastic coupler on the water pump (Only tighten one turn past  finger tight). Now wrap the threads on both ends of the brass valve (in the kit) with Teflon tape.  Screw the brass valve into the coupler making sure the arrow on the valve points away from the pump. Using a back up wrench, tighten at least one turn past finger tight. Re-attach the water line you removed from the pump to the opposite end of the brass valve.

When everything is installed pressurize the system and check it for leaks. When it’s time to winterize the RV make sure there is no pressure on the system and remove the brass cap from the tee fitting you installed. Attach the plastic tubing to the brass fitting and place the other end of the tubing into a one gallon jug of non-toxic RV antifreeze.  Turn the valve on the tee fitting to allow the pump to draw the antifreeze from the jug. When you turn the water pump on it will draw the antifreeze from the jug just like it draws water from the fresh water tank, and pump the antifreeze through the RV water system.  ~RV DIY

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